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Wed 18 Jan

Rowing Update 18 was sent out today


Hampton Head - Saturday 4th Feb

crew members will be decided through training in the coming weeks - boats to be entered will be...

Div 1 - 10am

no entries

Div 2 - 2pm

J18 4x: 2 crews from DN, WI, LP, BI, HD, WS, BS, CJ, RT, SM (408 & 406)
J16 4X: SI, RK, TH, RW (407)
WJ16 4x: ED/MM/MW, MB, KK, SR (401)
J15 4x+: JA, LM, DJ, OC, CD (cox)(403)
WJ15 4x+: 2 crews from JH, AC, AD, HK, DH, CH, HI, MT, AV and  AS (cox)(409)

Leave from school bus bay at 9:00am
Estimated return at Monmouth Rowing Club at 7.00pm

Event website is here

Fri 13 Jan

Rowing Update 17 was sent out today

Thurs 12 Jan

2017 Race Night invitation to all members and their families

Sat 7 Jan

Rowing Update 16 was sent out today

Sun 1 Jan

Rowing Update 15 was sent out today

Latest training programme for all squads for the next half term

Sat 10 Dec

Senior time trial results

Fri 9 Dec

Rowing Update 14 was sent out today

Sun 4 Dec

Rowing Update 13 was sent out today

Photos from Wycliffe Small Boats Head

Thurs 1 Dec

Wycliffe Small Boats Head - Sat 3rd December

Div 1 - 9:30am

WSen 4x: MCSBC/MRC composite (402)
J18 4x: BS, WI, DN, LP (408)
WJ18 1x: KK (110)
J15 4x+: JA, LM, DJ, OC, AS cox (403)
WJ15 1x: AV (114)
WJ14 4x+: LH, AG, MH, AB, ER cox (404)

Div 2 - 11:45am

J18 2x: BI ,SM (205)
WJ18 4x: ED, AV, KM, ES (401)
WJ16 2x: KK, MM (206)
WJ15 4x+: AD, AC, CH, DH, AS cox (404)
J15 2x: DJ, OC (202)

Div 3 - 2:00pm

Nov 2x "A": RT, CJ (206)
Nov 2x "B": WS, JB (205)
J16 4x: SI, RW, RK, TH (408)
WJ15 2x "A": HK, JH (201)
WJ15 2x "B": MT, HI (202)
J14 4x+: SU, HN, JG, BA, DL cox (403)

Leave from school bus bay at 6.15am
Estimated return at Monmouth Rowing Club at 6.00pm

Event website is here

Sun 27 Nov

Rowing Update 12a was sent out today

Morrisons bag packing photos


Fri 25 Nov

Rowing Update 12 was sent out today

Mon 21 Nov

Morrisons bag packing details - FINAL

Sat 19 Nov

Rowing Update 11 was sent out today

Sat 12 Nov

Rowing Update 10 was sent out today

MCSBC Calendar proof 2017

Mon 7 Nov

More photos from Bristol Autumn Head

Sun 6 Nov

Rowing Update 9 was sent out today

Bag packing - Sat 26th Nov Version 2

Sat 5 Nov

City of Bristol Autumn Head - Sunday 6th November

Div 1 - 10:00am

Nov 2x: WS, JB (205)
J18 4x: BS, LP, WI, DN (406)
J18 4x: BI, RT, CJ, SM (407)
J16 4x: SI, KK, RK, TH (408)
WJ16 2x: MM, MB (206)
J15 4x+: JA, LM, DJ, OC, AScox (403)
WJ15 4x+: AV, AD, CH, DH, DLcox (404)
WJ15 2x: HK, AC (201)
WJ15 2x: HI, MT (202)
WJ15 1x: JH (111)

Leave from school bus bay at 7.00am
Estimated return at Monmouth Rowing Club at 1.30pm (yes really!!)

Event website is here


Sat 29 Oct

Rowing Update 8 was sent out today

Advice for MCS parents at events 2016-17

Thurs 20 Oct

Time Trial results

Fri 14 Oct

Rowing Update 7 was sent out today

Fri 7 Oct

Rowing Update 6 was sent out today

Mon 3 Oct

Photos from Year 9 training on Saturday

Some more photos from Monmouth Autumn Head

Fri 30 Sep

Rowing Update 5 was sent out today

Time Trial results and Ergo Scores

Sun 25 Sep

Some photos from Monmouth Autumn Head

Sat 24 Sep

Rowing Update 4 was sent out today

Monmouth Autumn Head:

Final Draw - Division 1

Final Draw - Division 2

Final Draw - Division 3

Sat 17 Sep

Rowing Update 3 was sent out today


Monmouth Autumn Head - Sunday 25 Sep

Division 1 - 10:30am

J18 2-: HD, DN (204)
WJ17 2x: KK, MB (206)
J16 4x: SI, RW, RK, TH (407)
WJ16 4x: TB, MM, DB, CD (401)
WJ15 1x: HK (114)

Division 2 - 1:00pm

J18 4x: WS, MP, BS, JW (406)
WJ17 1x: KK (110)
J15 4x+: JA, LM, OC, DJ, ED/ES (cox)(403)
WJ15 4x+: AV, JH, HK, AC, AS (cox)(405) boat will need to be collected from container and returned after racing
WJ15 4x+, MT, HI, AD, DH, ED/ES (cox)(404)

Division 3 - 3:30pm

WJ18 2x: EB, MB (206)
J17 4x: BI, CJ, RT, SM (408)
J16 1x: JB (115)
WJ16 1x: ED (114)
J15 2x: DJ, OC (205)
WJ15 2x: DH, CH (202)

Please arrive at the club at least 75 minutes before the start of your division.

The event website is here

Sat 10 Sep

Rowing_Update 2 was sent out today

Sunday 4 Sep

Rowing_Update 1 was sent out today

The season starts with a meeting for ALL athletes at Monmouth Rowing Club on Monday 5th September.

The meeting starts at 3.20pm, Year 9 and Year 10 will be finished by 4.30pm, Years 11, 12, 13 will finish by 5.30pm.