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Fri 15 Dec

Rowing Update 15 was sent out today

Invitation to 2018 Race Night invite on Saturday 27th January 2018

Tues 12 Dec

Latest 2k fitness scores

Sun 10 Dec

The head race today is OFF.

Training is CANCELLED on Monday all day and Tuesday morning due to low temperatures and slush on the ground making black ice a potential hazard.  Training is on from Tuesday afternoon onwards at present.

Thurs 7 Dec

Rowing Update 14 was sent out today

Sat 2 Dec

Monmouth Winter Head - Sun 10th December - crews are in seating order bow to stroke

Div 1: 10:30pm

Senior 4x: DN, RK, RT, LH (406)
J18 4x A: TS, TB, TH, SM (408)
J15 4x+: EB, HN, ST, JG, TD (cox) (403)
Mixed J14 4x+: SC, JB, CT, PH, CD (cox) (405)
J14 4x+: TC, GK, RH, TP, ED (cox) (404) (sub in case of injury for both quads in Div 1: NF)

Div 2: 1:30pm

WSenior 4x: MW, AC, MB, SR (401) (sub in case of injury: AD)
WJ18 4x: AV, JH, KK, DH (407)
WJ15 4x+: AK, AG, MJ, MH, EK (cox) (404)
WJ14 4x+: KE, LF, BT, BC, ED (cox) (403)
WJ14 4x+: MF, AS, GW, MC, CD (cox) (405)

Meet at Monmouth Rowing Club 90 minutes before the start of your division
You may leave once you have finished racing, cleaned and racked the boat & blades and been de-briefed (c.75 minutes after race time - please confirm you have left with DC)

Event website is here

Fri 1 Dec

Rowing Update 13 was sent out today

Sat 25 Nov

Rowing Update 12 was sent out today

Photos from bag packing

Photos from the Welsh Indoor Rowing Championships

Sat 18 Nov

Rowing Update 11 was sent out today

Photos from Avon County Autumn Head today


Avon County Autumn Head - Long Course Sheet 1 Sheet 2

Avon County Autumn Head - Short Course Sheet 1

Fri 10 Nov

Rowing Update 10 was sent out today

Sat 4 Nov

Rowing Update 9 was sent out today


Avon County Autumn Head - Sat 18th November (crew orders confirmed)

Div 1: 10:30am

WJ15 4x+: AK (bow), AB, AG, EK (stroke), ZS (cox)(403)

Div 2: 10:45am

J18 4x: TS (steers), TB, TH, SM (stroke) (408)
J17 4x: OC (steers), RK, DJ, RT (stroke) (407)
WJ17 4x: AV (steers), JH, KK, DH (stroke) (401)

Div 3: 1:30pm

J15 4x+: ZS (bow), TP, JG, MV (stroke), TD (cox)(403)

Div 4: 1:45pm

Sen 4x: TS (steers), LH, DN, RT (stroke) (408)
WJ17 4x: MW (steers), MM, CD, MB (stroke) (407)
WJ16 4x: DH (steers), AD, AC, AV (stroke) (401)

Leave from school bus bay at 7:00am
Estimated return at Monmouth Rowing Club at 5:00pm

Event website is here

Fri 20 Oct

Rowing Update 8 was sent out today

Sat 14 Oct

Rowing Update 7 was sent out today

Photos from today's training

Sat 7 Oct

Rowing Update 6 was sent out today

Sat 30 Sep

Rowing Update 5 was sent out today

Sun 24 Sep

Monmouth Autumn Head Results (revised 25th Sept)

Photos from Monmouth Autumn Head

Sat 23 Sep

Advice for MCS parents at events 2017-18

Rowing Update 4 was sent out today.

Sat 16 Sep

Rowing Update 3 was sent out today.

Sat 9 Sep

Rowing Update 2 was sent out today.


Monmouth Autumn Head - Sunday 24th September

Division 1 - 10:30am

J18 4x: SI, RK, TH, RW (407)
J18 2x: LP, SM (206)
WJ18 1x: KK (110)
J16 2x: OC, DJ (205)
WJ16 1x: JH (108)
WJ16 1x: AV (115)
WJ16 1x: DH (119)
WJ16 1x: AD (104)
WJ16 1x: AC (tbc)
WJ15 4x+: EL, EK, MH, AK, ZS (cox)(403)

Division 2 - 1:00pm

Sen 2-: BI, DN (204)
Sen 2x: RT, LH (205)
WSen 2x: CD, MM (203)
J16 1x: LM (114)
J15 4x+: SU, HN, JG, EB, ZS (cox)(403)
WJ15 2x: MJ, AG (201)

Division 3 - 3:30pm

WJ18 2x: MW,KK (205)
WJ16 2x: AV, JH (203)
J15 2x: HN, JG (202)
WJ15 2x: AB, MH (201) corrected

You need to be at the rowing club 75 minutes before the division start time to allow for boat checking and warmup.

Event website link

Fri 1 Sep

Rowing Update 1 was sent out today.

Wed 16 Aug

An update from the Trustees of the Friends of MCSBC

Photos of David & Tom racing for Wales


The season starts with a meeting for ALL athletes at Monmouth Rowing Club on Wednesday 6th September.

The meeting starts at 3.20pm, Year 9 and Year 10 will be finished by 4.30pm, Years 11, 12, 13 will finish by 5.30pm.


Nutrition for Rowing - presentation